Video: How To Attack The Basket Aggressively

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You receive the pass and survey the defense. Immediately, you see it: You can beat this guy off the dribble and get to the rim. It would be an easy finish, at least in theory. But…


You’re nervous about taking contact. About getting your shot blocked. About getting stripped of the ball on your way up. About running to a traffic jam of arms and legs in the paint. About stepping out of your normal, passive style of play and messing up.

So you do what you always do: take meaning less dribble or two and pass it off to someone else to do something with the ball. Another 2 or 3 points die a premature death.

What if you didn’t have this fear, but instead had an aggressive, even downright nasty, demeanor when it came to attacking the defense and getting buckets? What if defenders started avoiding you instead of arrogantly challenging you in the paint?

What if?

How good would it feel to do that every time you touched the ball?

To be completely over your fear of contact? 

Of bigger players who might block your shots? 

To finish more consistently? 

Driving to the basketball fearlessly: A skill any respected scorer needs to have. Watch this video to learn the mindset behind it.