Want That Ol’ Thang Back

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Want That Ol' Thang Back dre baldwinWe leave people, places and situations all the time, especially when we feel strongly — physical, mentally, or emotionally — that we must get away from them, for whatever reason.

And after some time away often we feel like we may want that person back. Or to be back in that place. Or to have that circumstance again. Most of the time this is an emotion talking to us — the nostalgic feeling of what used to be, minus the negatives that drove us away in the first place.

There’s a chance we could be right and that we really do want to be back where we were. But emotion is the absolute worst voice to listen to at the point of decision-making. Logic will help us remember exactly why we left and got away and why we knew, back then, that it was the right decision — the only decision.

So take time to consult your logical mind when the emotion quiets down and before making a concrete decision. Logic sees every side and considers every option. Which is exactly what we need after an attack of the emotions.

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