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Let me tell you a quick story about experiences I had as a college then a professional athlete, and what you can learn from it. 

I was an inconsistent player in college. 

I’d have a good, high-energy practice, then a lethargic, coaches-mad-at-me practice. If a coach was yelling at me in college, it was usually because of my lack of energy or unwillingness / inability to play hard every day. 

Though my talent was evident, my results were not. In sports they say, what you do in practice, you do in the games — so naturally, I’d have a great game, followed by a do-nothing game. 

It led to an uneven collegiate experience that left my hoops career hanging by a thread (if that) upon graduation.  

Between the time I left school to when I got overseas, though, I’d matured a lot in many ways. Part of this was due to the fact that I had more serious reasons to succeed now. 

For one, I had personally experienced working 9-to-5s for a year, and it wasn’t pretty. I knew that wasn’t the life I wanted. Though I had a college degree and could probably have gotten a good job, I didn’t want a good job — I wanted to play ball

Another reason was my competitiveness: I hadn’t exactly set the world on fire in college, so my results to that point didn’t make me better than any of the players I’d played with and against. To put it plainly, I simply hadn’t done enough in basketball. 

The fear of a “regular job” lit a fire under my ass. And I felt like I had a point to prove to the basketball world. 

On the court, I was now “activated” both mentally and physically for every practice. I treated practices like they were games in terms of how I prepared and how hard I went; older teammates (European guys) would tell me to take it easy, but I didn’t want to.

This “activation” made me a much more consistent player, which — since we are judged by our consistent actions — made me a much better player in the eyes of both peers and evaluators. 

That consistency changed the trajectory of my professional life. 

The thing I really want you to take away is this: being a consistent performer makes you a hot commodity in the marketplace. 

What this means to you in your business: it’s time to eliminate your up-and-down performance issues.

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