We Are All Too Cautious

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How many issues in your life have come from you going too far, doing too much, being too bold? I’m sure you can think of some. I surely can.

too cautious dre baldwin What happens in out brains, though, is these mistakes sit with us forever. Doing too much and taking a loss weighs twice as much as the losses we incur going in the other direction, which I’ll introduce with a question:

How many life issues have come out of things you did not do? Some opportunity you passed on? A person you lost touch or declined to make contact with when they were right there? Business opportunities you didn’t take advantage of for whatever reason?

There probably are some you could recall, but a lot more that your mind has completely repressed of forgotten entirely. Easy to understand why: Nothing even happened.

One bad experience from a risk that backfires stays with us forever. It weighs more than 100 missed experiences from us choosing to stay safely in the house. And we take losses harder than we actually enjoy victories. What happens is we grow more and more cautious, avoiding any situation where we could take a loss, missing out on that exciting life thing we always dream about, in the process.

The possible negative outcomes we conjure up of a bold, ambitious action are usually way out of proportion to reality. We always lose more from staying safely on the bench than anything that could possibly happen to us on the court. And our first instinct, usually for correcting an action, is an easy fix to that action.

Get in the game!

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