The “Weekend Entreprenuer” Vs. The “Monday Morning Entreprenuer”

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I was taking my morning walk one day last week and I walked past a shiny red Ferrari (or maybe it was a souped up Corvette?) parked on the street. 

The only other person on the street was a woman who was dressed for what looked like construction work. She was standing next to this pretty car. 

The woman called to me from across the street and asked me if I would be so kind as to take a photo (or two) of her. 

The “Weekend Entreprenuer” Vs. The "Monday Morning Entreprenuer"

I did, as she posed and preened for the camera next to this car that was not hers. 


That scene — and the thought of what that woman would do with those photos — got me thinking about entrepreneurship. 

I’m sure that woman posted those pics to her Facebook or Instagram shortly after; maybe she’s posting one at a time to get mileage out of the impromptu photo shoot. It was a nice-looking car, and I bet some of her friends online will be impressed seeing their friend standing next to the material object. 

Taking and posting these types of photos — or any other actions along the same vein, like recording motivational 60-second videos, creating quote memes, or preaching on live-streams — are easy to do and available to all. 

Hell, I do some of those myself. 

These easy-access actions are the tools of what I’ll call the “weekend entrepreneur.” 

You see, it’s easy to be an entrepreneur on the weekends, when many businesses are closed. In those times, you can talk about it, post about it, and impress people with your ideas and observations about the real work (or what you think is the real work). 

On Monday morning, though, the game changes. 

That’s when the real work needs more than talk and picture-posting — it has to actually get done. 

The messages need to be replied to; the invoices paid; the customers serviced. 

Anyone can be an entrepreneur on Saturday and Sunday. It’s much different on Monday. 

I wrote a book that I’m giving away for free that will help you have the discipline to show up on those tough Mondays. It’s called The Mirror Of Motivation and you just need to tell me where to ship it. 

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-Dre Baldwin