Weekly Motivation Videos

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The Weekly Motivation series came about from people — mostly athletes — who had been watching my training videos asking me about my mental approach. Namely, how did I have to discipline to show up every day and train? The confidence to show my game in live action? The mental toughness to continue trying even when things weren’t working? My answers led to this series of videos which posted every Monday morning for over 400 weeks. Below you see my top 20 Weekly Motivation vids.

1. Goals

2. Confidence

3. Think Like The Best, Be The Best

4. Self-Motivation

5. Personal Basketball Story

6. Picking Yourself Up Mentally

7. Realistic?

8. Be Selfish

9. Overdosing On Confidence

10. Finishing Strong

11. Haters

12. Fuck If It Goes Wrong!

13. Confidence Is Everything

14. A Second Chance

15. Stop Thinking And Just Do It!

16. I’m The Map — You Drive

17. Live Your Life!

18. Fear Isn’t Real

19. Bring A Competitive Mentality

20. Out-Shining Your Friends