What Do You Expect? Does The Rest Of You Know?

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What Do You Expect? Does The Rest Of You Know? - Dre BaldwinIt’s one thing to say you want or hope for certain things. Our mouths spew all kinds of shit over the course of the day.

The better question: What do you expect?

Wanting things is nothing more than idle talk or thinking. An expectation sets you up to take action for what you want. Reminding yourself of what you expect — yes, writing them down and repeating them to yourself every single day — sets your entire being up for actually creating the things you want.

Repeat anything to yourself enough and your subconscious mind (the place where most of your thinking takes place) will pick up on it. When your subconscious mind picks up on anything, it starts to find ways to make your physical world match its thoughts.

What you expect, you are responsible for. Responsibility requires discipline. Simple disciplines repeated, lead to achievement. This formula will never change.

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