What features or services are missing within podcasting?

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A question I answered on Quora: What features or services are missing within podcasting?


  1. Searching within audio tracks for keywords. This is also missing in video and would make search that much better and efficient for consumers. This would bring a huge change to Google searches (given that Google was invested in making podcasts, which are dominated by Apple, more discoverable)
  2. Apps like Apple Podcasts loading ALL tracks/episodes in a feed, removing the current 250 episode limit. My podcast has over 900 episodes, and anything that’s not amongst the last 250 for most people may as well not even exist. This will also save podcasters from having the submit multiple feeds as a workaround (which also saves us time & money).
  3. Apple either making its Top Charts ranking algorithms more transparent, or doing away with them altogether (I prefer the latter, so maybe podcasting can be the one place where clickbait is not rewarded with increased discoverability, this driving more and more people to join the race to the bottom)
  4. Come up with an easier way to connect shows with interested and relevant sponsors