What Skill Could You Charge $1 Million For? Do You Have One?

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What Skill Could You Charge $1 Million For? - Dre BaldwinYou’ve heard of an elevator pitch, right? It’s the way you would present yourself to a stranger if you had only 30 seconds to do so, and you wanted them to want to know more.

The thing about the elevator pitch (or speech) is that it doesn’t have to be limited to what you do for a living, or the business you run. Many people’s work self-descriptions are boring anyway. Teacher. Operations Manager. Accountant. Even if it is just what you do, an elevator pitch should sound like something someone (maybe not everyone) would pay a million dollars for.

An accountant could help millionaires keep more of their money. A teacher can be someone who creates the next wave of great thinkers and leaders.

Same skill, different packaging. You may think this doesn’t matter. It does.

People make many more decisions based on emotion than they make on logic. The right combination of words, combined with the ability to deliver on them, can make a world of difference.

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