What They Want To Hear: Make The Truth A Habit

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What They Want To Hear - Dre Baldwin

People respect you the most when you keep it as real as possible.

Everyone knows — whether they appreciate it or not — when you’re just telling them something because you think they want to hear it. Someone may even hate you in the moment for giving them the truth. But in the long run, we all seek the word of those who tell us the real, when we don’t have time or conversation to waste.

It can be just as hard to tell people the cold truth as it is to receive it — the truth is often uncomfortable and it can be harder to dish it out than it is to hear. But seeking to avoid a potential conflict is worse than looking it in the face and getting it over with, like getting a needle from the doctor.

Telling people what they want to hear is essentially lying to them, which will only keep them confined in a cell of denial and unaccountability.

The truth will set you free.