What to Do when You Don’t Want to Buy Candy from A Kid

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I was walking yesterday when a young girl crossed my path at an intersection. 

She was maybe 12 or 13 years old, and she made eye contact with me as she made a quick sales pitch in a soft voice. 

“Excuse me sir — would you like to buy a chocolate bar or donate?” 

I didn’t have any money on me. Even when I do have money, it’s often not in cash. 

The girl hadn’t mentioned what she was selling the bars or collecting donations for

I don’t like chocolate bars, though. And I haven’t eaten candy in months. 

Plus, I was busy. Just not in a charitable state — with money or time — at the exact moment. 

So, instead of copping out to not liking chocolate or not having money on me (though both would have been true), I was honest with the girl while not breaking stride of my walk. 

“No thank you.”

Sometimes that’s all the answer that’s necessary. 

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-Dre Baldwin