What To Do When Your Post Gets “Only” 15 Likes

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A woman told me yesterday that she wanted to build her brand online. Her challenge was that she wasn’t yet getting the response she wanted.

“I posted on Instagram and it only got 15 likes!”

I told her that the number could go up, as long as she had a valuable message and remained consistent in delivering it. More importantly, though, was that the 15 number she flouted should not be discounted.

What To Do When Your Post Gets "Only" 15 Likes dre baldwin dreallday.com

If 15 people like something you post, you have 15 possible fans. 15 people who may be ready to buy your stuff. People who are going to keep an eye on you to see if you’re always as good as this one post they liked. More than zero.

Imagine that you walked into a room that had 15 people who were all your fans. Wouldn’t that feel great? Would you be thankful for them? Would you serve them to the best of your ability, so that 15 could turn to 30 and 5,000 and 1,000,000? Of course you would.

Would you walk in the room, see “only” 15 people, turn and walk out? Would you say, well, only 15 people believe in my message, I guess that’s proof I should quit! No!! You wouldn’t do that.

15 likes or views or whatever other measure your reach or brand power can be measured by is not a huge number. It can grow. Based only on that number, I wouldn’t call you an “influencer” in your space. But it’s damn sure more than none.

[shareable cite=”Dre Baldwin”]One Person watching or liking or commenting means you have an audience.[/shareable]

One person watching or liking or commenting means you have an audience. An audience that you need to serve like your business depends on it, because it does. An audience that you will serve like the professional that you are. Because a professional delivers on her promise every single time as best she can. The crowd size doesn’t matter.

And the crowd grows because of it.

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