What You Know: Talk About What You Did and Know, And You’re Already Unique

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What You Know dre baldwinIf you’re interested in a topic and you want to share what you know/think/feel about it, do it. You may think you should hold off until you know more or until you have as many credentials as such-and-such. That’s just a delaying tactic: there will always be someone who knows more and who has done more. The “wait until” mindset will leave you waiting forever.

As for when you do decide to share your thoughts, you will wonder what you’ll talk about. Talk about what you know. You may not have much technical knowledge or a lot of experience; that’s fine. Talk about the little you have and share you proprietary material: thoughts and feelings and ideas. Knowledge can be easily acquired via Google and books. No one can say you copied their shit with your feelings and thoughts and fears.