What You Want: Knowing Why Someone Takes Any Action

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What You Want - Dre Baldwin

The only reason any of us does anything is because of the motivation we have for that task. The proper motivations will result in any task getting done. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

A group of motivated people, all going in the same direction, can bring about monumental change in the world. What you must understand, though, is that not everyone has the same motivations, even for the same task.

In your office, you may work really hard because you want to help the business succeed. Your office mate, though, is driven by the need to help the people your company helps with their products or services. And the new guy in the office is hustling hard exclusively for the pay raise he stands to get upon his 6-month review. You all are doing the same thing, but for completely different reasons.

Always remember that when you’re dealing with another person you’re attempting to persuade, the first thing you must discern is why they do what they do. Approach this with a clear, open mind and no preconceived notions. And never, ever make the mistake of thinking that everyone does things for the same reasons you do. In the game of persuasion, it’s the first fatal mistake you can make.

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