What You’ve Got: Their Situation Isn’t Your Situation

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What You've Got - Dre BaldwinIt’s a damn hard practice to not look at what someone else has and wish you had more.

Wish it was that easy for you.
Wish you had all the help they have.
Wish you were born on second base like them.

But wishing doesn’t make it real. The real power is when you take all that stuff you don’t have, and you make it happen anyway.

That paves a new road for those who follow to aspire to. It makes you stronger in the process of doing it, since the journey itself is the real reward. And it puts you in position to share knowledge and experience with those who come after you — when they know your story, trust me, they will seek you out.

When you take your focus off of what’s missing and task yourself on making shit happen with what you do have, you become the one who has what people want: the personal power and mental fortitude that can’t be bought, gifted or born into.

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