When Do You Walk Away?: You Should Know For Yourself

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When Do You Walk Away? dre baldwin… That’s the point where it has stopped being enjoyable in every way.

For example, I enjoy basketball. There are some days though, with some coach running practice, that I didn’t feel like being there. It felt like work. I was looking at the clock and wondering when is this shit over? I still loved the game during those days, however. I was still looking forward to the next game on the schedule. The tough hours of practice — that’s just one of the “grind” parts of perfecting a craft. That’s not a sign that it’s time to quit.

As long as there is something in the work that you still love, or you still love the feeling of reaching that end result despite the grind, you’re in the right place. Stay there. Every day isn’t supposed to feel great — if that was to happen we would all be wildly complacent.

I used to play baseball up until age 14. That live-ball pitching (as opposed to the same-location-every-time pitching machines that I came up on) was too much for me. It got to the point where I was not very good at all compared to the other players. I went through a similar period in basketball. The difference, though, was with basketball I could see light at the end of the tunnel. I could see, step by step, how I could practice my way to being good. Baseball offered no such visions. I knew I’d reached the end of my baseball career. I walked away and haven’t turned back.

Your intuition, under a calm mind, will always tell you a clear truth. There’s nothing wrong with walking away when you know you’re in the wrong place. It would be stupid to do anything else at that point. You put your effort in and you just ain’t feeling it anymore. Or your results:effort ratio could probably be much higher if that effort was put into something that came more naturally to you. In that case, shit, go do that thing or those things or go and find it.

On one hand, it’s valiant and brave to slam yourself into a brick wall over and over again. It’s also stupid, when there are other walls that have doorknobs and steps and ladders.

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