When You Accept It, You Own It

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When booking one of my first paid speaking gigs, the event coordinator told me in an email how much they had budgeted to pay me. 


I happened to know someone else, a more established presenter, who’d also be speaking at the same event. They were paying her more than what I’d been offered. 


She told me that while I could ask for more money, the move could backfire. The coordinator could choose to cancel me off the agenda and book someone else instead, someone who’d accept the amount that I was rejecting. 


I asked anyway. 


They gave it to me. 


They booked me again the next year, paying even more for the second appearance.




It’s true: when you ask for more, you run the risk of losing everything that’s already on the table. 


But when you avoid risk by accepting less than what you want, you’re stuck with that less, with no chance of getting your ideal outcome. 


The Bulletproof Mindset 2.0 course is made for you to have the confidence to not only take that risk, but to make it work in your favor — which means no more settling. 


Get started with Bulletproof Mindset 2.0 at http://MirrorOfMotivation.com/BPM 

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