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From what I’ve seen, NFL player Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the game in terms of skills, stats and by the “eye test” of subjective opinion. 

Unlike the blackballed Colin Kaepernick, there’s no debate whatsoever about whether AB is a good player. Brown’s problem seems to be that he wants to be an individual in what has always deeply been a team sport. 

Long story short, Brown was traded to the LA Raiders this offseason and given a $30 million contract for this season. But some issues that had nothing to do with actually playing football caused Brown to be released from his contract with the Raiders — meaning he gets $0 of the $30 million — before even playing a single game. 

This isn’t a tragedy. Brown himself asked the Raiders to release him, knowing that he’d already possibly lost the money.

If you want to read the details of everything that’s happened with Brown over the last month-plus, you can read it on any website that covers the NFL. 

Here’s the issue: Antonio Brown seems to have forgotten what made him ANTONIO BROWN (all in caps on purpose). 

We know this man’s name for one reason: for what he can do on a football field. 

Is Mr. Brown also a person, a father to children, a son to parents, and a friend to friends? I’m sure he is all of that and more. 

But so is the random construction worker I’m watching walk by right now as I write this. Do you know this worker’s name? 

Me neither. 

We know Antonio Brown’s name because of his football accomplishments. And, as long as he continues to accomplish things on that field, his name will continue to ring out. As soon as that ends… well, you tell me: what other skill is he famous for? 

This phenomenon happens to many of us when success shines on us for a long time (whether you’re making $30MM or something less): we either forget, or never really know what made that success happen. 

Then we get distracted. 

We grow to pay so much attention to the trappings of that success — whether it be fame, followers, not having to work as hard or as long, the power and freedom to say and do anything we want — that we stop feeding the golden goose. 

And when that goose stops laying those golden eggs, we’re left standing there looking stupid. 

I don’t know what’s best for Antonio Brown at this point. I don’t even follow football that closely. What I do know is that the only reason I know his name is because of his football skills. 

And while I know we are in the era of athletes wanting to be “more” than athletes, most of them still appear smart enough to know: I’d better keep this athlete job, since the “more” part of “more than an athlete” only happens and only matters because of what I do in sports.

AB is too good to not be on a new team probably by the time you read this; my prediction is that he’ll be signed to a different NFL club the same day the release occurred. 

I’m sure Brown will keep his fans updated via social media posts, where he will always have a legion of supporters who’ll find a way to make sense of anything AB does — that’s what devoted fans do. 

I just hope Antonio remembers how he obtained fans in the first place. 

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-Dre Baldwin 

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