When Your Questions Are Your Excuses…

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Before cloud storage technology came along, I used to employ several external hard drives. 

Perhaps you’re familiar with them. 

As a video über creator, I needed something that could store my files for safekeeping, and when necessary, for later use. 

And, being that the start of my online relevance was based on these videos, I took good care of my HDs. I had four or five of them over the years. 

Nowadays, as a convenient user of cloud storage, I finally made the move to get rid of the hard drives that were merely taking up space in a cabinet. 

I listed them on eBay. 

As of this writing, there’s about 2 hours of bidding remaining on the 3 remaining drives I had to sell. They’ll all primed to sell, with over 40 bids and nearly 70 “watchers” combined. 

This surprised me. I didn’t think anyone still used hard storage equipment. But I’ll take the few dollars produced by the auctions. 

Anyhow, there’s a potential bidder who’s messaged me via eBay three times over the last 24 hours. 

He’s (I’m assuming this is a male) asked me about the RPMs of one of the drives. 

RPM is the rotation speed of the drive — which basically determines how quickly data transfers from your computer to the drive itself. 

As a veteran user of external HDs, RPM is the kind of minutiae information that ultimately doesn’t really matter. 

Transferring files, whether in bulk, extra-large files or both, takes “as long as it takes.” 

You don’t do large file transfer (or even have a need for an external hard drive) when you’re in a rush to get anywhere. There were many nights when I left my computers on overnight for file transfers to complete. 

If it takes a day, it takes a day. 

If it takes an hour, it takes an hour. 

I never moved my hard drives around physically much; they occupied one spot at my home and stayed there. 

The materials within were too valuable to introduce them to variables such as transportation, or possibly being touched other human beings. 

I assume that most people in the market for HDs are the same way. Which is why these drives will have sold on eBay by the time you read this. 

All this to make this point: this guy asking about the RPM of a hard drive is utilizing a classic tool I call “questions as excuses.” 

How it works is simple: ask endless questions — hopefully some of them unanswerable — in lieu of taking action. Use the said unanswered questions as legitimate reasons for never taking action. 

How it works is simple: ask endless questions — hopefully some of them unanswerable — in lieu of taking action. Use the said unanswered questions as legitimate reasons for never taking action. Click To Tweet

The hard drives will sell to the highest bidders, and the person asking me about RPMs will still be needing a hard drive. He will justify not buying from me with the fact that I couldn’t tell him what he “needed” to know. 

The only thing that’s actually lost here is time. By him. 

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