When You’ve Got The Goods…: Exposure Will Find You

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… They find you. I hear from people often who tell me that they’re good, but no one is noticing them. The reason they’re not being noticed — according to them — is never because of them; it’s the school is too small, the rest of team is not good, the coach doesn’t promote them. I hear much more of this than, “Dre, I’m not being recognized because I’m not performing at a high enough level.” Granted, some people do come to me that way — which I respect. For the rest of you who believe everything other than you is the reason no one notices —

• When you have what they want, you won’t even have to call them: They’ll call you.
• If you’re as good as you believe and no one is paying proper attention, take matters into your own hands and make them pay attention. How, exactly? That’s your job. You have a brain, use it.
• When your days are up/ career is over, “no one recognized me” will not be a viable excuse that satisfies you or anyone else. All that will matter is what you did. Think about this the next time you complain about something (other people’s attention) which you do not control. Do something.