Where can I find more good basketball players in Vancouver?

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I don’t live in Vancouver; actually have never even been there, but I’ve moves to places and had the same challenge of trying to find the best players in a new locale. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Have your game in order. If you can’t play, you don’t want to find more good players — you won’t be able to hang with them.
  2. Go to anywhere there’s a game and play, and one of two things will happen: A) Players who are local and know the area will recommend places for you to go. B) You will ask and/or meet one of these good players right where you are and they’ll plug you in.

That’s all I’d do in my experience. With a much wider internet now, though, here’s what else you can do:

  • Google search pickup ball or Rec leagues in your city and call / email contact people
  • Google Map to find Courts near you and pull up at them to see what’s up
  • Look up hashtags that would match what you seek, such as #basketball(city name), or just look through the city’s hashtag

Generally, just going and playing anywhere usually works; when you’re good, people will approach you with the usual Qs (where are you from, where did you play, etc) and they’ll ask/tell you about other places. It’s always happened that way for me.