Where It’s At: Be Present Where Things Can Happen For You

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Where It's At dre baldwinIf you wanna meet people, create new opportunities, and have exciting things happen….

You gotta go to where it’s at.

You can’t get traction in your dating life by sitting in your living room (unless you’re shooting a high percentage on Tinder or POF). Beautiful, eligible men and women are not parading past your couch for your approval.

But they are out there. And they are available. And they do want to hear from you. You just have to be there to do the talking.

It’s the same in business. Everyone talks about networking and “who you know” — you can’t know anyone or do any networking just by thinking about it. You have to go out and make it happen, by being in front of the people you want to know. I know it’s a rather simple concept, but a lot of people seem to not get it. You can’t think your way to interactions. You act your way to them.

You want to study animals? Go find some animals.

Want to make money? Go to where money is exchanged.

You want to meet people and have people meet you and know you and talk about you and interact with you? Go to where people are.

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