Who Do You Call?: Know Who The People You Can Depend On Are

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who do you call? dre baldwin dreallday.comIf something really great happened in your life today, who is the first person you’d call or text to tell them about it? Or if you were in jail who do you make your collect call to? The answer to that question tells you who the most important people are in your life, the people you can count on the most, the ones you know are “in it” with you, no matter what you’re doing (or at least, the closest to being so of everyone out there).

That person/those people may not even be the people you see or speak to or hang with the most. You may not even consider yourselves “friends” at this point. But when I ask who you’d call if something great happens — that’s instinct that answered the question. Who were the people you thought of? Your subconscious mind and your heart are thinking of those people. Instinct comes from the subconscious. And instinct never lies.

You should call them and say hello — they may be wondering how you’re doing.

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