Who Inspires YOU To Action?

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There are people you come across who make you question everything in your life, in a good way.

Their energy is infectious. The things they say and do, and how they do them, just seem to light up a room. Talking to these people makes your mind start racing with all the possibilities. Their presence alone seems to open up hidden, locked doors in your mind which you could never access on your own.

I aim to be this person to as many people as possible.

[shareable cite=”@dreallday”]There are people who make you question everything in your life, in a good way. Get around those people. [/shareable]

After the interaction with this beacon of light, you wonder why you’re not doing more.

You think of all the opportunity you may not be seeing.

The money you missed out on.

You think of what you should be doing right now to build your success.


You know exactly what I’m talking about here, don’t you? Hell you’re thinking of this person while you’re reading these words. When is the last time you spent time with this individual?


What can you do to get more time with him/her? What can you offer in exchange?

This person may be your future coach: they see what you can’t see. Tell you things you haven’t heard. That’s worth the cost of admission.

Maybe, if you provide the same for them (which is not for you to say), you may have a possible master mind partner. This is a very delicate and important pairing to create – read Think And Grow Rich to understand it fully.

Maybe this person is not available for either. Well, does she write books? Have a podcast? YouTube channel? Is he on Facebook or Twitter? Snapchat? Where can you find them virtually, if not physically?

Whatever the cost, what are you doing to maximize your time in this energy? And if you haven’t asked yourself this question, what the hell are you waiting for?