Whose Moves Are You Studying?

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Whose Moves Are You Studying? | Dre BaldwinSomeone left me a comment on YouTube a week or two ago. He wanted to know how many hours he should work out every day. I gave him an answer (hint in case you cared: it wasn’t a number and that’s a bad question) and he replied with some information about Kobe Bryant. He told me that Kobe used to work out for 6 hours per day in middle and high school.

Whether this is true or not, I don’t know and it doesn’t even matter, and I told him so. Or at least it shouldn’t matter.

WHAT?!?! Why, Dre? Kobe (or anyone whose name you want to fill in here) is one of the best players ever — shouldn’t we want to follow in his footsteps? Shouldn’t we want to know and study exactly what he did so we can do it? If not him, then who?


Yes, you.

See, knowing what someone else did to become successful is a good thing to know. The necessary fundamentals and how to acquire them? You should be active in your pursuit of that information. Some advanced skills that you didn’t even know you didn’t even know about? Once you get good enough, that stuff will find you. And at some point, you have all the knowledge and information you need (and it’s not as much as you think it is). All that’s left is your effort.

When Kobe was ready to become KOBE, it was no longer about Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or his dad or any current NBA player he was watching on TV. At some point Kobe had to look in the mirror and start focusing on what that guy was doing. Focusing on how many hours that guy was practicing. Focusing on that guy’s moves.

There will come a point for you — IF you plan on taking it to the next level — when you’ll have to start replacing your knowledge of someone else with knowledge of you. Replace knowing what he did with knowing what you’re doing. Replace knowing what her moves are with what your moves are. If, at some point, you want to be the person others are looking to, you have to get the bandwagon rolling by looking at you first. It’s great that you know what Kobe did, but now there are two people studying Kobe — Kobe and you — and zero people studying you. The rich getting richer.

The people you’re studying aren’t studying you, after all.

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