Why 90% of People Never Create Positive Change…

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Vacuum: a space entirely devoid of matter.

I’m going to describe a problem that you have in some area of your life. 

Tell me if I’m wrong. Here goes… 

In some area of your life, you have something that’s… not quite what you want. 

Maybe it’s close to what you want. Maybe it’s damn far away. 

But you do know, FOR SURE, it’s less than ideal. It could be better. 

You want to get to this ideal space, but you haven’t gotten there yet. And that’s fine. We all experience that all the time. If you’re not in that space in some area of your life right now, you’re either a person without goals, or you’re dead. 

But, here’s where a small percentage of people — let’s say 10% of people — separate themselves from everyone else.  

They let go of the bad-to-mediocre situation they have on hand. 

They let go of the bad-to-mediocre situation they have on hand.  Click To Tweet

Not because they have something better lined up. They have nothing lined up. But they let go of the bad-to-mediocre thing anyway, knowing that they can’t grab the new thing while still holding on to the old thing. 

Letting go creates a vacuum. A void. An empty space. There’s nothing there now. 

The universe abhors vacuums. So, the universe  — eventually — responds to this man-made vacuum by filling it up — often with the thing that you actually WANT. 

The people you want. The places you want to be. The ideas you want. The material things you want. The situations you want. 

At that point, you may wonder, this is great and all, but why didn’t these things show up before? 

They didn’t show up before because there wasn’t space for them. The space that these better, what-you-wanted things are now filling were once held by the bad-to-mediocre things that you were holding onto — remember? 

That’s how it works. 

Oh, but let’s talk about the other 90% of people. Those who don’t separate themselves. You should learn about what happens to them, since there’s a 90% chance that you’re one of them, in some area of your life, right now.  

Ok, Dre. So, what happens to them? 

Well, nothing really happens to them. Or for them. 

Not because they have bad luck. Nor is it because of bad timing or a lack of information or bad relationships or bad karma or anything else intangible that we like to attribute a lack of success. 

90% of people experience no change because they REFUSE to let go of the bad-to-mediocre situation that they have on hand. 

90% of people experience no change because they REFUSE to let go of the bad-to-mediocre situation that they have on hand.  Click To Tweet

Why do they do this? 


1) Most people — 90% of people, in fact — would rather have a mediocre something over an unknown, temporary nothing

2) Creating a vacuum is the first commitment that must be made for anyone to have what they want — but there’s no contract that says you are guaranteed to get what you wanted just because you created the vacuum. In other words, creating a vacuum is a RISK. And most humans are hard-wired to avoid risk at all costs.  

That’s why. 

What all of this means: Not having everything you want is a normal aspect of being alive. No one’s life is fully perfect. 

But… holding onto things only because you don’t want to have to deal with an empty space is hurting you more than it’s helping you. 

And, let me say this again: creating the vacuum doesn’t guarantee your success. It only makes you eligible for success. 

BUT, holding onto stuff that you don’t want just to avoid the vacuum, this does come with a guarantee: you’ll never get what you want. 

The choice is yours. 

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