Why Celebrities and Famous People Exist

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Why Celebrities and Famous People Exist - Dre BaldwinA celebrity can be defined simply: The person whose fans live vicariously through because the celebrity has the courage to do what the fans are afraid to challenge themselves to do.

Emotion is stronger than logic. You watch the red carpet shows and cheer for your favorite actresses because deep down, in the recesses of your soul, you know it could be you… If you had the courage to challenge yourself to do what you cheer for her to do.

A famous person has fans who cheer for the famous person more than those fans cheer for their own selves. If I walked into a crowded gym and stated, “Stephen Curry is garbage!” The assembled masses would vehemently defend Steph and attack me in his defense. If I called one of the laymen players garbage, though, there would be considerably less energy in that player’s defense of himself.


The average person simply doesn’t believe in himself. That’s why you attach to that star on TV or on the magazine cover and have such high expectations for them but much smaller ambitions for yourself. You believe he can and should do it, but it’s OK if you don’t.


I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with celebs and famous people. I also truly believe that there’s nothing stopping anyone from becoming one if they have such a desire. Not everyone does. Those who don’t and truly don’t — they don’t root so hard for the stars because there’s no deep-seated ambitions buried under there.

Is there anyone alive, aside from immediate family, whom you root for their achievement more than your own? Why don’t you put that same energy into your own success? What part of challenging yourself scares you? If they can do it, why not you? Where is the hole in your self-confidence?

Whom are you cheering for?

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