Why do so many people struggle with self-discipline?

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A question I answered on Quora: Why do so many people struggle with self-discipline?


  1. Because it’s discipline — if it were easy and natural, it wouldn’t be discipline.
  2. Usually with what we struggled to be disciplined at, it’s much easier (and maybe preferable, at first) to do the opposite, ie eating ice cream instead of drinking water and eating asparagus.
  3. With self-discipline, we are often only accountable to ourselves — and unfortunately, that’s the easiest person to pull a no-show on and not feel bad about it.
  4. No driving desire that goes any deeper than just wanting to do the things to be disciplined at — thus it’s easy to give up at the first difficulty.
  5. Most people only think about the immediate results of their actions. Discipline involves a long view of life and circumstances; being undisciplined usually gives way to immediate gratifications.
  6. Because of the above point re long-term results, many people have a what’s the use? mindset about discipline.
  7. Our human inclination to compare ourselves to others who are far ahead of us in a certain area, thus seeing the application of discipline as a losing effort that will never result in what they have or have done.
  8. Being disciplined is something we have to remember to do, as opposed to our u conscious habits that happen seemingly on their own. And focus in a discipline in itself.

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