Why Don’t Muthafuckas Read?

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Why Don't Muthafuckas Read? dre baldwinThere’s a page on this very website titled, “You Want A Career In Pro Basketball/ Overseas? Read This”.

With such a title, I of course found it important to start the post with sole background information on myself, explaining why I had the authority to wrote on the topic. Makes sense, right?

A few days ago I received the following comment from Quiana on the aforementioned page:

“My son is a senior in high school and is getting ready to graduate in June. He has played AAU for the last two years and will be playing again this year. My son is trying to play basketball in junior college and then transfer to a division 1 or 2 basketball program. I see that you said you played in a small college. Did you go pro overseas and are you happy with it?”

So it’s obvious that Quiana found this page and scrambled straight to the comment section and asked me a stupid ass question — all because she didn’t take even 30 seconds to read what I’d written.

And she’s the parent of a prospective player. I fear for our future.

I speak ad nauseum about the fact that, in our current world, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Meaning: All the information you want — on any topic — is out there and available to you via an internet connection. Tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, websites, books (can’t afford a book? How much was your phone/shoes/last meal at a restaurant? Okay then).

What do these all have in common? Fatefully, you have to actually read the information. Turn off YouTube (yes, I said it), the TV, Pandora, and everything else. Consume information instead. It’s free and easy.

But people just don’t fuckin read these days. And when I smack them in the face — figuratively speaking, of course — with their own ignorance, I’m mean or an asshole or “not nice to people coming to [me] for help.”

Fuck that.

If your dumb ass doesn’t take advantage of what’s right in front of you, cheap and painless, and apply it, you deserve to be considered a dumbass because you are.

Reading is your continued education outside of or in lieu of after school. When you stop learning you start dying. Your brain hardens with what it already knows — which will be “not enough” after six months of non-learning — and you start going backwards.

Life does not have a neutral shift. You’re either improving or getting worse.

You read all of this? Good. You’re probably not even the person I wrote this post for. Share it with someone who needs it.



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