Why Rudy Gobert May Be The Coronavirus Victim Rather Than The Culprit…

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Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz was the first NBA player announced to have coronavirus. That led to a game between Gobert’s Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder to be cancelled just before tipoff a couple weeks ago. 

News later leaked out that Rudy Gobert had been carelessly touching other people and their belongings in the days before the diagnosis. 

There’s even a video of Gobert touching all the microphones and the table at a post game media session after the NBA instituted a 6-8 radius “wall” rule for reporters talking to players. 

So when it was found that Rudy had corona, some people replied, “serves him right!” 

A day or two later, Rudy’s Utah teammate Donovan Mitchell tested positive for corona. 

It was later said that Mitchell needed time to “cool off” re: Gobert, as Mitchell apparently believed that Gobert had given him the virus. 

If you knew this information, you can see the veiled resentment in Mitchell’s post-diagnosis statement — 

“…hopefully people can continue to educate themselves and realize that they need to behave responsibly both for their own health and for the well being of those around them.”

Rudy Gobert even went and did the obligatory Instagram apology post a day after the diagnoses. 

But, here’s what we know: some people who have coronavirus are asymptomatic. 

These people can walk down the street and conduct normal daily behaviors, and no one would suspect that they have a virus that has shut down many parts of our daily lives. 

Rudy was tested, and subsequently diagnosed, before any of his Jazz teammates only because Rudy reported to the team training staff that he was feeling a bit under the weather. He showed some symptoms. 

(Note: a person is more likely to report any possible sickness when there’s a traveling physician with you everywhere you go, as is the case with NBA teams, and when it costs you nothing to see a doctor. I don’t think Rudy’s symptoms we’re hospital-level for a “normal” person who’d need to schedule an appointment and settle a co-pay fee.) 

Mitchell was tested and diagnosed along with the rest of the Jazz team, yet he showed no signs of being ill. He’s asymptomatic. 

Which means this: Donovan Mitchell could have been the one who had coronavirus first, and given it to Rudy Gobert. Not the other way around. 

Donovan Mitchell could have been the one who had coronavirus first, and given it to Rudy Gobert. Not the other way around.  Click To Tweet

But Donovan, along with most basketball fans privy to this news, seem to have concluded that Gobert must have been the initial carrier. Mitchell even did the aforementioned national television interview talking about being pissed at Rudy for his actions. 

All along, he may be the guilty party. 

Hell, it could have been another member of the Jazz traveling party who had it, gave it to others, and recovered himself before the testing had even happened. 


Correlation vs causation. 

Just because things occurred in a certain order, or in a certain window of time, doesn’t mean that they caused each other. It’s just dumb coincidence. 

But people get this wrong all the time. 

Your marriage didn’t fail because it rained on your wedding day — your marriage failed because half of all marriages fail, and yours just happened to be one of the half. 

Don’t blame it on the rain. 

People get it wrong because humans have an innate need to attach meaning to everything. 

We used to think that thunder and lightning were the gods’ way of expressing anger until science taught us better. 

Or that we had to push goats off of cliffs to atone for personal, man-made errors. 

When we can’t control our emotions, sometimes due to a lack of logical information that makes sense of a situation, our emotions control us. 

And, emotions are faster than logic. So the first, surface-level explanation for something is usually the emotional one. Which doesn’t mean that it’s wrong — but it doesn’t mean that it’s right, either.

It’s naturally human to want to connect Occurrence #1 with Occurrence #2. It’s also often inaccurate. 

Take some time to consider what you might be missing. 

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