Winning and Losing With Grace

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Winning and Losing With Grace dre baldwin dreallday.comI played in this basketball tournament once where there was a dispute over a call. My team “won” the dispute and went on to win the game. After the game one of the losing team players, seemingly angry not so much about losing the game as he was about losing to me, started fishing for ways to save face.

First it was I’m better than you. Then it was you can’t guard me by yourself. Then it was Ill beat you one-on-one. All the while making himself look like a sore loser to everyone watching, since we had been matched up against each other for the entire game that just ended. Picture a boxer losing a match then challenging his opponent to a fistfight in the street.

In competition, it’s important to maintain your dignity no matter if you win or you lose. Dignity in winning shows that you’re used to it and expect it. Dignity in losing shows you can handle not being on top while still being respectful of yourself and others.

Insecure people go overboard when they win, showing everyone how seldom it must be.

When insecure people lose, they do everything they can to win something ASAP. I’ve seen losing parties start fights, brandish firearms, demand a different game be played.

Nothing wrong with celebrating a victory. And nothing wrong about being upset over losing. Just remember that the most perilous moments for men are when we are at both our highest and our lowest.

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