Without: How Many Things Can You Function Without?

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Without dre baldwinDoes anything in your life control you?

I’m not talking about some passion of yours that you do every day and that you’re dedicated to — or maybe I am. I mean something that actually controls you in a way that you could not get away from it, even if you wanted to or had to. Is there anything in your life that fits that description?

Is there anything that you do or like or have as a habit that you could not go without for a day or a week or a month? Does it own you more than you own it?

A test of your will and strength is to see what you can go without, and for how long. A certain food, activity, person, thought pattern… the better you can be without things or places or people, the more free you are, mentally and emotionally and even physically. You have to know that you can leave anything behind if you feel the need to, and it needs to know it, too. This gives you the power in that relationship and builds your fortitude for everything else in your life.

Whomever needs the other the most will always be the loser.

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