Wourst!: The Worst That Could Happen Rarely Does

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Worst! - Dre Baldwin

Fear is the most debilitating emotion human beings experience. It ruins plans, lives, relationships, ideas, businesses, and more that I’m not even mentioning.

Just as Michael Jordan said, “fears are often just an illusion.”

(You know I’m gonna give you a bit more than that “motivational” cliché, right? Good.)

The simple way of dealing with the next fear you feel is this: What’s the worst case scenario/outcome of this thing I’m afraid of? Will your life or basic necessities (food/clothing/shelter) be threatened? If yes, then you have a good reason to be afraid.

As for the other 99% of your fears, the worst that could happen isn’t really that bad. And remember how good our big human brains are — we are masters at imagination. We always envision possible negatives as worse than they could ever turn out to be.

The only way you’ll really realize and understand this, though, is to challenge your imagination and see how real that negative worst-case scenario is.

I’m almost certain it won’t be real at all.


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