It’s For Me Too: I Write To Motivate, Remind and Inspire Myself

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It's For Me Too: I Write To Motivate, Remind and Inspire Myself - Dre BaldwinThe stuff I write isn’t all me pointing at you to learn and accomplish and develop yourself. I write to remind myself of these same principles.

No matter how much a person learns or knows or hears or shares, you can’t remember everything all of the time. We all need to be reminded of the things we want to make consistent parts of ourselves. The only way to do that is to make a habit of sending those messages to ourselves; whether we hear it or read it coming from an outside source (reading books, watching videos, listening to audios), or whether we write it down or make a vision board or share ideas with other people as a way of telling it to ourselves.

There is only so much the human brain can hold in its conscious thought area; at some point near capacity, any conscious thought input results in an equal and opposite thought release. But, the more you hold or are sent the same thoughts over-and-over eventually the subconscious mind lets it in. Then it becomes habit -> character -> destiny. Nothing is off limits. And you have 100% control.

Me too.

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