A Year Of Daily Blogging: I Made It! (And, What I’ve Learned)

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A Year Of Daily Blogging: I Made It! (And, What I've Learned) - Dre Baldwin

decided last December, and posted on New Year’s Day, that I was going to write a new blog post every single day in 2014. Here we are in the 31st, and it’s done. 365 days of new written posts.

What I learned during this year of blogging daily:

  • That I can do it (kind of already knew I could, but still)
  • Doing anything every single day for a year will separate you from damn near everyone else who does it
  • Discipline is a skill that many people lack, and most of them have really great reason for their lack of it
  • That I should do it again in 2015. I should check what the Guinness Record is for consecutive days of blogging. Off-the-top, I’m guessing that person is ahead of me and still building their record. Which means I just have to live longer than them. I’m up for the challenge.


  1. Congrats Dre! I’ve been following throughout the year, reading each post everyday! Keep up the good work. I think you will bring even more value in this new year.

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