You Don’t Have To Do It The Normal Way

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You Don't Have To Do It The Normal Way - Dre BaldwinSo maybe things aren’t going according to your perfect master plan from a couple years ago. Maybe you’re no longer on track to be rich and famous in the exact way you thought you’d be. Maybe the doors to that industry aren’t opening as easily as you thought they would.

Does that mean you have to completely give up being in the neighborhood? No, not at all.

Especially in today’s world, there is more than one way to be the person you want to be. There are many ways to get into the building; if the doors and windows are locked you should consider building your own door and walking in that way (and charging people to use it after you).

Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban once said (and maybe many other have also said this), “if there are 10,000 people all trying to do the same thing, why would you want to be number 10,001?”

You can create a whole new genre, an entirely new way of expression that still funnels your passion through it and gives new possibilities to everyone else at the same time — that’s your payment to the universe, which will pay you back well.

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