You Got It: You Are Fully Equipped To Handle Everything

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You Got It - Dre Baldwin

Sometimes, there will be issues you face that have you thinking wishfully: I wish I had more (money/time/help/connections), then I’d solve this so easily! I’ve fallen into this mental trap before myself.

What you have to realize is that you already have every single thing you need to solve anything that comes your way. That doesn’t mean not to go after acquiring resources — it means that you have enough at your disposal currently to easily acquire those assets. There is nothing stopping you from getting them, save for your idea that there is something you cannot have.

You’ve listened to other people’s problems before, right? Have you ever listened and wondered how simple it appeared, to you, that they could resolve their issue, yet they couldn’t see/understand/trust that resolution?

We are all much better at prescribing for others than we are for ourselves. Try looking at your own situation as if you’re not you: that distance ignores your irrational fears and self-limiting thinking, the two biggest impediments to accomplishment known to man.

Next time you feel like you are missing something, realize that there’s nothing to look for: You’ve already got it.