Your Audience: You, Ten Years Ago

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Your Audience: You, Ten Years Ago - Dre BaldwinAsk yourself what you would tell ten-years-ago you with the knowledge and experience you have now. There’s a lot to share there, right?

My friend Dawnna shares this idea with me. She told me that as a speaker, I should aim to talk to people who are sitting in the seat I sat in ten years ago — I know exactly what they’re feeling and thinking. I know the challenges they face and what’s coming in their futures. And as one whom “made it”, I can speak clearly on what worked and what didn’t.

And I’ll never be at a loss for answers. I’m talking to myself, after all.

Anyone can utilize this principle. Whether you’re blogging, podcasting, making videos, or writing books — or all of the above — you have a wealth of knowledge when you’re essentially talking to yourself.

People always ask me what they should talk about if they start publishing on any of the aforementioned platforms. What Dawnna told me is spot-on: talk to yourself.

You’ll always have good advice.