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Safe to say that I am retired as a trainer. Think of it as Jay-Z during his semi-retirement: I’ll get on a song now and then, but don’t expect an album. If you really want to work with me, use the Contact Page to get in touch and we will talk.


  1. Doctor Dry you think that one of the best basketeiro ja vi.Sou from Brazil and I love basketball, and I’m 15 years old 1.80 tall with almost burying am very dedicated to treinos.Será YOU could pass me some muscular endurance workouts, each of impulsion, and a ball handling? thank YOU from já.Doutor is honestly one of melhores.valeu too.

  2. Hi, Dre. I’m 15 and only going to grow to be 5’7 or 5’8 too short for the NBA. But i like playing ball, I’m trying out for a middle school team and my shot isn’t as good as my teams. The statistics are against me and my friends are saying I’m gonna be one of the ones getting cut. I’m so nervous and i suck. what do i do?

    • First of all, you are already putting yourself in a box — too short for the NBA, saying your shot at making it is not as good as others’ — what is this information based on? Nothing, but your own decisions to believe it. And it will come true if you keep believing in your own made-up excuses. Your problem is you and your thinking, not your height or what your friends say. so you’re right: you do suck, and it has nothing to do with skills since I’ve never seen you play. But you don’t have to stay that way. Focus on what you do well and not your limitations, and be confident. See my Motivation playlist. you would do well to watch all of the videos there.

      • Hey man I always wanted to be a kobe or dwayne or lebron. After watching your vids i said forget them im gonna be me. Thank you im 100 times better.

  3. I 3 questions do i build a reputation for myself
    2.what do u do when u first get the ball in a game and evrybody keeps on calling for the ball and they dont trust you with ball
    3.what do u say to people when they say u suck and u know you put in the work but they havent seen you play

    • 1. Be good at something.
      2. What other people feel or say doesn’t control you so get rid of this question. Believe in yourself.
      3. See above.

  4. Hi Dre, I’m 14 and I have been working on my shot and its pretty good now but people keep telling me that I take too long to get my shot off. Any help, drills, tips or anything would be much appreciated.

    P.s: You’re awesome

  5. Hey Dre um im turnin 14 and i wanna start training and conditioning before my 8th grade season. I was wonderin what exercise or like kind of workout should i do? I also wanna know how long can i train or how long can my workout last? And do i need equipment to workout?

    PS: Im a Pount Guard

  6. What up dre…did you ever feel like people ( haters) were right when they tried to put you down saying you won’t make it?? it ever to late to make it to the league??

  7. Wassup Dre? how long did it take for you to get your off hand strong enough 2 b able to use it with no hesitation. I’m 19 5’9/5’10. iv never played organized basketball but I’m very good at defending. I’m trying to work on my offense. I’m pretty good at ball handling but i don’t kno how to finish with my left hand. I try 2 dribble with it but i always go back 2 my right. i looked at your off hand videos n ima try 2 do them everyday. but how long did it take you to get your off hand strong enough to dribble with it.

    • What up. There is no set time that it took or will take you. I never stopped working on my left hand to this day — you have to put in the wok until you get the desired results, no matter how long or short it takes.

  8. Hey Dre! I’m in India right now. I’m like 6’3″ and I’m tall enough here to play PF for my HS team. However, I’d be coming to attend college in Buffalo, NY this summer and would like to get on the college team, and I wish to switch to the guard so I’m not undersized in the post. Is it possible for me now, with almost a couple of months remaining to do that? Also, what drills or handbook(s?) would you suggest me for that?

  9. hey dre , imma hard working 13 year old breaking in to aau ball , I’m talented but I’m too slow sometimes to compete, any advice?

  10. Hey dre am youness from morocco . and am the yongest in my team and a player in my national team U20 . i just wanan ask you for some simple steps to imrov my quiqunes and becaume faster . i saw your videos and i am doing all that stuf. and a friend of me is helping me he is a pro player .so what do you think i should do to improf my dribl and be quik in it .?

  11. Hey Dre… i am 14 and a 8th grader and i wanted to know like what equipment would you recremond to use on a daily bases to improve like cones tennis ball and what other stuff?

  12. Im 14 years old….Im 5’10….and I wanna dunk…can you help me please !!!

  13. Hi Dre.

    I just got 2 questions.

    1. How tall are you?

    2. When u was about 13, did you train like this every single day?

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