Your Mess is Your Message

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Your Mess is Your Message Dre baldwin DreAllDay.comStop hiding your f**k ups. Those are the parts people relate to.

Yes, we celebrate the winners and clap when you get trophies and won’t notice you if you don’t succeed, but the downfalls are where the masses buy-in to you.

Our favorite stories have the lowest lows. Michale Jordan didn’t make the varsity team. Stephen Curry was deemed too unathletic and too reliant on jumpshots to make it in the NBA. I was a spectator in the crowd for basketball games as a senior in college.

People buy in to what we can relate to. There are many more people at the bottom – dealing with a mess – than there are people at the top telling the redemption story. We pick up on the mess and then catch the message.

To connect with people you have to meet them where they’re at. So if you’re doing great, don’t forget about when you weren’t. Use your mess: that’s the part we understand.

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