Your Plans Vs. Reality

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Your Plans Vs. Reality - Dre Baldwin“Any [business] plan won’t survive its first encounter with reality. The reality will never be different. It will never be the plan.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

We all, if we’re smart, make plans for what we will do ahead of time. But things never turn out exactly as we think they will.

When I first got out of college, I had a plan: Go to a professional camp or two, dominate, and be playing pro ball by the following September.

What Really Happened: I became a professional… at Foot Locker and Bally Total Fitness for a year before attending another camp — my fourth — before I got my first contract.

So does this mean you shouldn’t have plans? No, it doesn’t mean that. What it means is you make your plan, but be flexible. Have branches in your plan that factor in contingencies, which are all the little — and big — things that will happen that you won’t and can’t foresee. Know that you’ll never know how things will go until you go through them, so you first plan for your first time doing anything will be waaaaay off the mark. Be adaptable enough, and open to change enough, to be able to move when times and circumstances change. And they will change.

The only constant in life, the only constant in the realm of reality, is change. So, be able to change enough with it, to adapt your life to reality, and you become one with it.