Your Subconscious Mind Takes Everything Literally 

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Your Subconscious Mind Takes Everything Literally  | Dre Baldwin“I want more money. ”

So if you find $1 on the ground, your goal is achieved. I’m sure you want more than that. But when dealing with your subconscious mind, which is quite literal, you have to be detailed and painstakingly specific.

Your subconscious doesn’t recognize negating (don’t trip on the stairs means “trip on the stairs”). So state things in the positive form of what you want and not what you wish to avoid.

Your mind works off of pictures, not words, so paint a clear picture in your mind of what you want and hold that picture as firmly as you can, consistently. Which means every day.

If you hold any vision in your mind long enough and attach some feeling to it (imagination that you already have/are/did it), your mind must resolve the conflict between those visions and reality by making one match the other… And since you have 100% control over your thoughts, they won’t be what changes. Real life will start reflecting those thoughts.

Thusly you create your reality. It really is that simple.

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