You’re (Not) Finding What You’re (Not) Looking For

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You're (Not) Finding What You're (Not) Looking For  dre baldwin dreallday.comI often get asked, how can I avoid distractions?

The first way is to stop trying to avoid them. The only way you can actually avoid something is to be looking for it, just so you can avoid it!

Without giving you a science lesson, the reticular activating system is what gives you mind directions: get a new Lexus, you see that same Lexus everywhere because now your subconscious is aware it. Now you see it everywhere. But there’s so much stimuli out there to be paying attention to. The RAS excludes everything else and focuses on the directions you give it, consciously (find all the pennies on the ground!) or unconsciously (I got a new car, so I’ll notice it everywhere now!).

Thus, if distractions are getting in your way, it’s because you A) Have been focusing on avoiding them or B) Haven’t given yourself anything to focus on.

TIP: Change part B).