You’re Not Ready… So Do It

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You're Not Ready... So Do It - Dre BaldwinBy the time you’re “ready”, by your definition, to take the best step in your business or career or sport, the best opportunities will have long passed you by.

You never know you’re ready for something that’s new to you. How can you be ready when you don’t even know how it will go? If you were ready for doing the thing, you would already be doing it.

Your biggest steps and greatest breakthroughs will happen when you’re not quite ready for them. You have to grow — physically, mentally, emotionally — into the situation. That growth is what makes you “ready”. But the growth doesn’t happen unless you make the move while you’re not ready.

Most people don’t want to do things until they feel they’re ready… And by the logic of what I’ve just explained, most people, subsequently never take the step past “average”. Those of you who are willing to take that step are the ones who continuously move forward in life, those small pre-ready leaps compounding on each other over time.

Do it while you’re not ready.