Zone Up: Staying In Your Mental Lane, No Matter What

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Zone Up - Dre Baldwin

When that Jay-Z/Beyoncé/Solange elevator thing happened, everyone who saw it took note of how the trip walked out to the paparazzi upon leaving the building. Jay-Z looked how he always does- poker faced. Beyoncé took out her best photo-op smile. They didn’t know at the time that the world would eventually find out what had just happened, literally behind closed doors.

Had the video not leaked, no one would have known. They maintained their “swag” (not a fan of that word but it’s the best way to describe it) through that, just like they always do. There’s an important lesson in that for anyone else going through things in their own lives.

You’ll have some unexpected shit take place in your life. Family issues. Money trouble. Emotional pain. And a lot of this, no one will know the depths of it except for you.

You could see that as a negative — having to go through things alone — but it’s also an opportunity. No matter what losses you take — in relationships, in your bank account, in how someone else regards you — your “swag” is the last thing you should ever lose. It’s free, you created it, and you own it.

That mental Zone is what allows a great athlete to have his worst game ever and bounce back to dominate the next game. It’s how a business person can lose money in a deal gone bad and then have their biggest score in the next meeting.

That Zone is your most valuable resource. It essentially sets the rules for how people see you, talk about you, and deal with you — once you lose that, all is lost.

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